Wednesday, September 8, 2010

i was tagged (:

1. what's your favorite form of exercise?
does anyone really have a 'favorite'?! i would have to say shopping.

2. are you an early bird or night owl?
not really either .. if i'm busy in the AM then it doesn't bother me .. but waking up early with nothing much to do stinks.

3. what's the greatest lesson you learned from your parents?

4. did you choose the right major in college? if no, what would you change?
i went for a semester to go to nursing school but i was working full time and then i became preggers! it was too much for me. i had to work.

5. what kind of driver are you? slow & cautious? calm & assertive? aggressive? road rager?
oh, you don't want to go there with me. people make me SO mad. i'm a good driver .. that's the kind that i am :D

6. can you feel changes in the weather? stiff joints, crazy hair, changes in your skin?

7. what's your best & worst memory from high school?
best : winning homecoming queen.
worst : being cheated on.

8. if you're sad, what's the one thing that can make you happier?
other than my babies and hubby .. the beach.

9. what's your least favorite food?
sushi. ew.

10. as a past wedding guest, what's the one thing that annoyed you? how did you change it at your wedding?
hm .. never really been annoyed .. or at least i haven't noticed anything in particular.

11. what movie can you quote along with the best?
splash, the little mermaid hah

12. what's your favorite thing about blogging?
hopefully the twins will read it one day!

13. if you could live in another decade what would it be and why?
i would have to agree with hannah .. the 90s.

14. where has the best meal of your life been and what was it?
no clueeee.

15. what's your guilty pleasure tv show?
jersey shore. geeez.

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  1. yay!! you did it :) i loved readin' your answers... glad the twins are doing great... keep the picutres comin' :-D