Thursday, August 26, 2010

27 is tiring.

i had a lovely birthday. both babies slept through the night and i woke up to my alarm going crazy. [well .. make that two alarm clocks .. i'm super paranoid about being late or over-sleeping] i got ready and woke jarrod up to let him know payton slept through the night and would probably need a bottle soon.

on my way to work i stopped by starbucks [like usual] and the guy who usually makes my drink [i went to lake boone today] tried guessing how old i was turning. know what i got?


yes, friends .. 22. i definitely don't feel 22 .. but hey i'll take it!

so far 27 has been kinda crazy. i had to go to the health dept. like i mentioned yesterday .. which there is nothing about the health department that is 'healthy' .. i feel like i caught 12 viruses just walking up in there. i changed clothes as soon as i got home.

before leaving for my appointment i changed sawyer and noticed those bumps were multiplying .. uh oh .. not good news at all. i called JMA and hannah fit us in with dr artman so he could take a look at him. he has a rash and got some prescription cream to put on it. poor guy. jarrod called me on his way home and he was stuck in really bad traffic. it was suppose to be harris teeter day .. but it didn't happen ''/ we were both so tired and it was already 6pm. my mother in law went by food lion for us though to get us some pepsi/diet pepsi to get us through the rest of the night (:

i got a picture printer and frames from my in-laws for my birthday! i've been printing pictures left and right! i LOVE it. you can scan pictures with it as well and it's wireless! i've been scanning and sending them to my computer. color me happy!! i love it!

my dad and mom [carolyn] called me this morning on the way to work! she was the first to wish me a happy birthday (: i hope we get to see them this weekend.

i didn't get the ipad. i had a feeling i would .. but i had a stronger feeling that i wouldn't hah. oh, well. one can dream.

it's 8:30 and i'm about to pass out. my dishwasher got fixed this morning which is a good enough birthday present all on it's own.

i'm hoping to take the babies out this weekend with jarrod and have some family time. i have GOT to clean this house. it's riiiiidiculous!

so that was my birthday. after 21 it's kinda like whatever.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

so long 26. only 12 more hours left.

'ello friends (:

we had a pretty good night .. sawyer, paylou and i went to bed around 9:30pm while daddy stayed up for a bit playing playstation .. or xbox .. one or the other. neither baby wanted to go to bed .. but i finally calmed both down and we were all dreamin' away in minutes. i did have a lot of weird dreams last night though. i had a nightmare and woke up petrified. i got up and walked through the house checking all the doors .. which i found that the front door was unlocked .. and the door to the garage was locked but the actual garage door was up. really. hello serial killer .. come right on in. so needless to say at 6am this morning .. i made it known i was a little unhappy about that situation. sawyer slept through the night like he always does and payton did too! i woke up a few times to check on her to see if she was getting hungry but she was sound asleep. i got up this AM and got ready. i could hear her starting to wake up .. so i rushed and grabbed a bottle to warm up. i got ready, washed my hands and changed her. once her bottle was ready i woke jarrod up [a few times] and got them situated. [note .. this is when the talk about the previously mentioned incident happened] i LOCKED the door and headed to work.

jarrod called me at work and told me sawyer started crying again as soon as i left. aw. ''/ little pum'kin.

i got home around 12:30pm and ate some lunch and kissed the hubby goodbye. we had a good afternoon .. i had to wash 30975 bottles since the dishwasher is still broken [he comes tomorrow AM .. YAY] and cleaned up a bit. i noticed sawyer had these little bumps on his thigh so i called JMA and they think it's from his vaccine. i got some cortizone cream and they said to keep an eye on it. i also noticed that payton's eye was horribly red in the white area of her eye. i called the eye doctor and he called me back saying that it would be fine and there's nothing to do about it. he said it happens sometimes when he uses that instrument during the exams. ''/ breaks my heart.

well .. tomorrow is the big day. 27. twenty-seven. 2-7. this whole year i've thought i was turning 26 until jarrod reminded me that i .. indeed .. am already 26. sad. 26 is my favorite number .. and there it goes.

i have to go by the health department tomorrow. on my birthday. really. don't ask why i have to go there .. long story.

so we have a full month to still take the babies out and about. once RSV season gets here there will be no venturing out. we'll have to do it next RSV season as well. i rather be safe than sorry .. anyways .. shopping is nowhere on the map compared to the importance of my babies' health. forget going out!

so i've been going to the lake boone trail starbucks since i've been back to work and there's this guy there that comments on my accent like every-single-day. well .. i decided to go to the starbucks i went to every morning before getting preggers on blue ridge. it was SO nice! the 4 main people in the AMs that work there were so happy to see me! they even remembered my name and what i wanted! [i still can't decide if that's a good or bad thing] but it made me feel SO great! they didn't know i had been pregnant and just thought i stopped coming by. i didn't drink coffee while pregnant .. see i told you i did everything by the book .. so i guess i should've at least let them know so they didn't think i got hit by a bus or anything.

i believe that is about it for tonight. it's time to give the babies a bath and relax for a little bit. then when it's time to wake up .. i'll be the birthday girl .. and officially 27 at 8:26am .. on 8/26. i had good timing comin' into this world.


Monday, August 23, 2010

eye'm crazy.

would it be ridiculous if i said i could/wanted to go to bed at 8pm? i am soooooooo tired and sleepy. ahh-mazing.

i woke up through out the night being paranoid payton would start crying to eat .. i know sawyer wont because that boy goes all night until about 8am .. but payton usually wakes up anywhere between 4am-6:30am. my alarm clock finally went off at 5:50am and payton was wiggling around in her co-sleeper. i quietly got up and got dressed .. made my way into the bathroom and got ready. by the time i was done she was awake and wanted a bottle .. i got that ready and warming while changing her and talking to her. apparently i am very animated and loud .. but it woke sawyer up and he just watched me finish getting ready. i woke jarrod up when the bottle was ready so he could feed her as i was walking out the door. as soon as i closed the front door jarrod said sawyer started screaming .. and didn't stop. needless to say .. jarrod was unhappy with my excitement with the babies at 6am.

work went well .. i got to talk to one of my favorite moms on the phone so that was nice.

okay. so that was the post from yesterday. i had to stop mid-post because things got kinda .. what's the word .. hectic!



i got up at 5am to feed payton and just stayed awake since i usually get up at 5:50am. you can imagine how out of it i am at this moment. i feel like i've been up for 2 days straight. in-sane!

work was great again today. i left at 11:30am and headed home to pick payton up to take her back to blue ridge so she could get her eye exam out of the way. they are still getting better and drew a picture for me .. they are getting considerably better from 2 weeks ago and he said "she's heading in the right direction!" and seemed pleased! YAY. i'm a freeeeak over the eyes. just ask any of the nurses and neonatologists. they know i'm crazy. but we go back in 2 weeks for another re-check. the doctor kept calling her 'him' and mind you .. she was dressed in flowers and a bow. really. i'm aware that i got the idea for the name 'payton' from 'peyton manning' .. but the little girl's name in the "game plan" was payton and the woman's name in 'the hand that rocks the cradle' was named payton .. although the last one .. was a little NUTS. anyways .. i hope she doesn't get too much grief over her name later in life. i love it and tried to pick something normal .. nothing like 'star' or 'cloud'. guess we should've gone with 'cloud'.

i got an e-mail from a nurse that took care of payton and sawyer today and there was a bit that i wanted to share because it really made my day.

‎"I think the two of you are still yet the "best" parents I've encountered over the last 23 years of NICU nursing."

wow. ahh-mazing. i'm so glad others can see how much jarrod and i love these two babies. i can't imagine my life without them. they are my everything.

as the 'birthday week' [i've never done the whole birthday week thing .. but jarrod said i get a birthday week .. and well i'm not going to argue with him on that one] and i was suppose to order the twins UNC outfits the other night for day 3 but couldn't find anything i loved. i think we'll wait and go to chapel hill this weekend and see what i can find there. yesterday for day 4 i got a starbucks card!! if you know anything about me .. i am addicted to starbucks. yes .. hello my name is amanda and i'm addicted to mocha frapps' .. seriously .. if there was some support group .. i would be in attendance. anyways .. i'm wondering what i'll get tonight. i'm kinda diggin' this whole 'birthday week' situation.

the man came to fix the dishwasher this morning .. and left us with a broken dishwasher. awesome. thanks. he will be back on thursday to actually fix it with the parts he needs.

so today .. i drove to raleigh twice and back to hillsborough twice. sometimes i wish i could pick the house up and move this sucker back to cary [ circa 1995 .. minus the 9729067209762 people that have moved there ] so we could be closer to all my friends and 90% of the NICU nurses. ''/ i kinda get sad that we have no friends out here .. especially ones with kids. [babies] not that we could be around them right now .. but i mean once the babies get a little older .. and hit that 1 year mark. i really want them to get accepted to grace christian .. and all the friends they make there .. will be at least 45 minutes away ''/ i guess we could find a good private school in chapel hill .. but still. i guess i should be thankful for having a place to call home .. but you catch my drift. any advice besides suck it up?

i haven't felt all that great the past couple of days. not sick or anything .. but dizzy .. lightheaded .. jittery [ is even a word? ] and today at the doctor's office i felt a little nauseous. no .. it's not what you're thinking .. i'm good for at least 5 years ;) so i don't know what is going on. maybe just nerves or something? i don't feel nervous or stressed ..

well i'm always stressed with these germs. i'm terrified the babies are going to get sick. hello, medication, i should probably get to know you.

oh .. i forgot .. i did see a mom that i met while in the NICU. i was so happy to see her since i washed out her e-mail she had given me in the washing machine. she said she had a lot of questions for me .. so i'm anxious to hear from her and see how her little girl is doing. i noticed she had a monitor and she said that the baby was still on O2. her baby was a littler earlier than payton and sawyer. i remember those days .. and so thankful they are done and over with. i'm sure she'll be ecstatic when she can get rid of those dreaded tubes. everyone say a little prayer for her.

i think that's about it .. but it's early in the day .. well .. early as in 5:30pm .. which at this point feels like 4am to me.

<3 love.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

6 months old today!

i can hardly believe that we've spent a half of a year with our twins. it's gone by so fast. i have a feeling that it wont be slowing down any either. they are growing out of a lot of NB clothes .. which i love because it means they are getting chunkier but it also saddens me because it means they are growing up. i know .. silly.

today has consisted of laundry, laundry and more laundry. i loaded the dishwasher around 12pm and i've had to re-start it 4 times. i'm over it. it's not cleaning the dishes .. it's not releasing that tab and i have to wait an hour or so for it to finish. i open it up and wah-la .. dirty dishes. again. it's running now .. we'll see.

the twins are quite fussy. they have been for the past couple of days. they got their vaccines last week and since then they have just been really upset. i'm hoping they'll be okay soon and not so fussy. i was in the bathtub last night and all of a sudden both babies start crying and screaming and jarrod saying 'oh my goodness .. what in the world!?!?' and i died laughing hah. they were both fine and all of a sudden they both were beside themselves upset. it was craziness.

i've got to try and go to sleep early tonight. as in 10pm .. because 'true blood' comes on. it's the only show besides 'big brother' that can withstand my ADHD. i can't watch movies easily anymore because they don't hold my attention well. it's kinda a pain. anyways .. i only have 2508762 other things i need to be doing besides watching a movie.

i've been trying to find some cute UNC stuff for our photographs in september. everything i find online is like 12 months and up. i'm not sure what to do yet .. i mean hello .. it's the internet .. you can find 100 year old potato chips if you look hard enough. [not that i have ever looked for 100 year old potato chips .. i'm just sayin'. ]

i attempted to get on the treadmill tonight and that all but lasted 5 minutes. really .. 5 minutes. hey .. at least i gave it a shot .. two babies = no treadmill walkin'. instead of that i think i'll eat some pancakes and watch true blood in about 10 minutes :D fatty.

well .. that's about it for today .. talk tomorrow <3

Saturday, August 21, 2010

bad blogger.

okay so i know i haven't updated since the 16th .. and that's just unacceptable. BUT i have good reasons ;)

i am now officially back at work! i am LOVING being back .. i've missed talking on the phone and scheduling appointments and seeing my co-workers. ohh and of course my morning starbucks venti mocha frapp :D i get home around 12:30pm and then jarrod heads off to the office. it works well.

i got paid for three days and spent the whole check on the babies hah. i got some cute stuff for their photography session with miss nichole coming up in september. i am SUPER excited!!! we've got to pick one for the announcement .. i know .. they've been here for 5 months .. but we wanted them to have some baby fat first before sending them out. did i mention that i am SUPER excited about this?! she's got some great ideas and it gives me butterflies thinking about the twins nekked hineys being photographed!

we had our appointment at the special infant care clinic last week and got to see dr. kicklighter. we haven't seen him since the 3rd week the twins were in the ICN .. so i got lots of hugs and he couldn't believe how great the babies look. it made me happy :D sawyer's umbilical hernia is getting much smaller and payton had a huge growth spurt. i couldn't ask for more!

last friday liz from the CDSA was suppose to come by the house to evaluate the twins to see if they need any therapy but she called me at like 11:30 [she was coming at 1:30] and said she had a cold and asked if we could re-schedule. a little more notice would've been greatly appreciated but i'm just glad she didn't come over under the weather. we made it for next wednesday at 1:30. dr kicklighter said that payton might need a little physical therapy since she is sill a little stiff in her legs .. but he said it wasn't anything to be worried over. the best part about friday was seeing grandma susan!!!!!! YAY!!!! i always enjoy when she visits .. it's amazing how much we miss seeing her every week ''/ i hate that we live so far away .. but she might be glad considering if we lived close i would be over at her house every other day hah.

jarrod, paylou, sawyerbug and i went to dinner at olive garden with the prices' the other night. we had a wonderful time and the babies did great. they sat us in the corner kinda away from everyone .. not that we asked .. but just got lucky. it was ahhh-mazing seeing them.

last week i got home from work and jarrod was feeding payton. well .. she started getting very splotchy and it scared me. we loaded up the car and headed back to JMA and dr jeffers took a look at her. he wanted us to go to wake med ER so we called grandma susan and i paged dr. tackman [GOT TO STOP] and both said it should be fine .. it can happen with babies born with low birth weight. as i was talking to dr. tackman i almost passed out because i was seeing payton's soft spot on her head going in and out. i had no idea that you could sometimes see a baby's heartbeat like that!! i thought i was going to die. of course she was just looking around and smiling .. so i came back to reality and figured that it wasn't bad because she was happy as can be .. but dr. tackman took a look at her. i don't know what we would do with him. i'm sure he'd be okay without me and my paranoia all the time though hehe.

we did take the twins for their 4 month shots. it was not fun. sawyer did pretty well .. he cried for a second until i picked him up and held him. payton .. well .. i'm surprised all of north carolina didn't hear her. she definitely wanted us to be aware that she was very disappointed in us and unhappy. they have been fussy for the past two days. ''/ but no fevers or redness .. so i'm happy about that.

i'm finding out a lot of people are pregnant lately. it makes me want to be pregnant. SIKE. no more babies for us penlands for a few years. i'm thinking maybe 5 years from now. that would be when the twins were in kindergarten and i could go back to work full time. we'll both need to be working full time because i want to send the twins to grace christian school .. [i've heard a lot of wonderful things about this school] and it would be close to JMA. i need something close so i can drop and pick them up before/after work. so we'll just have to see about more babies. i love it so much .. just a little worried about preterm labor. maybe my 'incompetent cervix' will be competent next time.

this upcoming week is going to be a busy one! monday is just regular work and routine .. tuesday is payton's eye exam [ poor girl ], wednesday is the CDSA appointment at home, thursday is my BIRTHDAY!! wahhhh-hooooo and then the weekend! good stuff.

jarrod has gotten me 6 things for my birthday for my birthday week. i mentioned to him that a week consisted of 7 days .. but he just gave me that look ;) i got a AWESOME pink razor for my first gift .. which i'm super happy over because i always steal his and .. well .. it's manly. today i got a gift certificate to planet beach so i can get my tan on! i look like i either haven't seen daylight in 4 years or i'm trying to audition for the new season of 'true blood'. [which comes on sunday night .. yayyy] so i'm really excited about that :D i wonder what i'll get tomorrow ..

so i promise i will start back writing every night before i go to bed at 9pm. there has been so much funny stuff that has happened over the past week that i would be writing all night long.

i will be better at this blogging situation.

love love love.

Monday, August 16, 2010

i haven't posted in days. so bad and unacceptable!

i promise i will tomorrow!!

Monday, August 9, 2010

you can just call me .. tired!

today was a lot of fun! i got up around 10am and fed both babies and got them all dressed and ready to go. i also packed an extra bottle of them since i knew we wouldn't be back home in three hours. jarrod came by the house to pick us up and we ran a couple of errands for my mother-in-law since we highjacked her car (: jarrod said my car should be ready by wednesday so i'm excited about that.

we went by carolina conceptions and saw dr park and nikki. there were a few new people there that i didn't recognize and most everyone was gone for the day by the time we got there ): we didn't get to see half of the people i wanted to see .. but we can always go back another time.

we headed to kamm mckenzie and saw lots of my favorite people! we got to see dr. privette and she held the babies .. i love her to pieces. we also saw meagan, amber, glenna, angi, lauren and a few other nurses that came by to peek at the twins. i had so much fun seeing everyone. i miss them .. it's weird because i was seeing them weekly .. and now i never get to see them. they're all wonderful.

after we left there i sat in the back and fed the babies while we headed to best buy for jarrod to run in. i was able to feed sawyer while he was in his car seat but with payton i couldn't. once we got stopped i could get sawyer out of his car seat and burp him. he was a happy boy. while i was trying to burp sawyer i pulled down payton's car seat handle that has her baby einstein toy that she LOVES. i took some pictures and i'll post them at the end. that kept her occupied until i had the chance to feed her.

after we left best buy we headed on home. it was about 6pm when we finally got back home. jarrod left to get some neosure and wipes and i started on my chores that i got behind on since we were gone all day. i'm finally caught up.

that was our day! it was so much fun and the babies loved seeing everyone.

i called CDSA since they are suppose to start coming out to evaluate the twins and work with them to make sure they are hitting their milestones etc. i left a message with melissa at wake med since i didn't know who to contact about this .. because i hadn't been contacted like i should've been. she called me back and gave me the name and number of the girl who is suppose to come out etc .. so i left a message with her. hopefully they can start coming out soon.

i didn't get to see my DVR'd big brother .. so i'm a little behind .. i shall watch it tomorrow before taking payton to her eye appointment. i love that show!

jarrod and i are getting our little salt water aquarium back in order so we can get a couple of fish. yes .. that means more mouths to feed .. but just two wont break the bank. hopefully. the main reason we're doing it is for the babies. they'll loooove it.

i miss my ICN ladies.

here's some pictures from today!

i love those sweet babies (:

hello busy week .. i've been expecting you.


ya know how i promised lots of pictures today? well. want to know how many i took?


yes, it's true. me .. the person who thinks any moment is a great photo-op. but i do however .. have a good reason why.

the twins slept all day. well .. okay not the WHOLE day but i'm pretty sure it was around 97% of the day. i'm guessing maybe some growth spurts? GO BABIES GROW! (:

on the other hand .. we had a lot of family over today. the babies were very anti-social and just slept the entire time. it was nice seeing everyone and although it was fun and i loved it .. i did not get much sleep last night. sawyer is good about sleeping through the night .. but payton usually eats around 10:30pm and wakes anywhere around 4:30/5/5:30am. which i guess .. technically that is 'through the night' but 5am is still bedtime worthy to me. this 'morning' was a little rougher than usual because payton threw up her whole bottle in her co-sleeper. it was pitiful .. it was also .. everywhere. it was still pretty dim in the room so i yelled 'jarrod' 'jarrod' for him to get me a towel and help since i was holding her upright and it was just dripping off of my hands and her little self. [which this morning jarrod tells me 'i was having a really good dream [of which i don't know what this "good" dream entailed] and all i heard was you calling my name and i was just like 'noooooo!'] hah. geez. way to go wife. back to the story .. of course she is starving now .. so i give her about 30 minutes and feed her again. she was wide awake. needless to say she caught up on her sleep during the day .. i however did not.

i don't think i sat down but for a couple of hours all day long. one of those hours was to watch the new episode of 'true blood' and well .. i even stood while eating lunch. i think jarrod and i were both exhausted by the end of the day/night.

i'm hoping to hear about my car tomorrow. if i don't get it back by tuesday jarrod's mom is letting me drive her SUV to payton's eye exam and then to work on wednesday if we don't have it back by then. so nice of her.

we are running by kamm mckenzie tomorrow and hopefully make it by carolina conceptions. we probably wont leave hillsborough until 3:30pm and they close at 4pm if i remember correctly .. so i don't know if we will make it there in time. speaking of CC .. i got an e-mail from them today since i'm still on their mailing list and it made me smile. i miss them a lot. i enjoyed going there so much. we wont be going back there for a looong time .. well .. only to show off the babies to them ;)

i can already feel the anxiety of the week starting. one word can pretty much sum it up.


it'll be a big adjustment going back to work part-time .. but i'm excited. i'm sure i'll be calling hannah on my way there boo-hoo'ing. jarrod told me not to call him hah .. loving. ;)

my hands are cracking so bad and bleeding because of washing my hands so much ''/ i'm sure i wash my hands at least 150 times a day. well .. give or take .. but i'm pretty sure it's close to that. they hurt ): i put lotion on them but not 5 minutes later i'm washing them again. okay .. after reading this paragraph it sounds like i'm really OCD .. and it's not that .. i'm just terrified of germs on the babies .. i think it stems from scrubbing in the ICN and sanitizing my hands after i touched anything there. and of course you aren't suppose to touch the babies without clean hands. i could've cared less about germs and whatnot beforehand hah. it's a good thing .. but it's starting to make me sound like i'm one olive short of a martini.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

madness in the kitchen

the babies are both in bed and jarrod is playing video games and i'm eating [what's new there]. we decided to take the babies to crabtree today .. which was a baaaad idea. everyone and their momma was out there! i guess because of the tax free weekend .. but it was complete chaos. we stayed about 30 minutes at the most .. enough time for jarrod to get some pizza to go and me some starbucks :D [yaaaahoooo] we got home just in time for the babies to start getting fussy because it was bottle time.

we cooked the lasagna tonight in preparations for tomorrow. we wanted to go ahead and get it out of the way .. so the dishes wouldn't be so bad at one time. [we always have the dishwasher going due to bottles] and i didn't want it to get backed up. yes. i'm a little OCD about my kitchen. so now all we have to do tomorrow is pop the lasagna in the oven .. cook corn-on-the-cob and the breadsticks/croissants. much less to worry about. we made two gigantic pans of lasagna .. so we would've had to get up at 5am to get it all accomplished hah. knowing i will be getting up a few times during the night .. i want to sleep in as much as possible. that will come to an end on wednesday morning when the reality of 6am hits me and it's go time. payton usually wakes up around 5:30 for her bottle so i should be able to feed her before getting ready to go to work. sawyer usually doesn't eat until around 7 and i'll be long gone by then. i'm thinking i need to leave the house around 6:40am to get to blue ridge and to get my morning starbucks and not be late.

tomorrow we're going to have a full house. barbara, billy, jonathan, kristen, dad and carolyn will all be in attendance. i'm not sure how they are going to decide who is going to hold who and for how long hah. the twins will love all the attention.

next saturday night susan, travis, brayden, the twins, jarrod and i are going to eat dinner at olive garden in cary. we aren't going until 7:45 so it'll be a late dinner. i'm really excited!

hannah-boo, rion and bentlee are going to come over as soon as rion gets a free night from work so we can all eat, play games and hang out. i'm thinking they will just stay the night so they wont have to drive all the way back home. fun times!! i need a picture of bentlee and the twins to put at my desk at work and also a picture of susan's family with us. my two favorite families!

this week is going to be a busy one. monday we're going by kamm mckenzie to see everyone and hopefully carolina conceptions while we are out and about. tuesday i will be taking payton to her eye appointment and swinging by JMA beforehand. wednesday is work and so on and so on! exciting week!

that's about it. i'm sure pictures will be abundant tomorrow so i'll be sure to post some!

some pictures before the madness in the kitchen started :D

Saturday, August 7, 2010

what to wear .. what to wear

today went by slooooooooow. i don't really know why .. but maybe it was because i got all of my chores done around lunch time. i did catch up on big brother and jarrod and i caught up on true blood tonight. jarrod got home early today .. around 2:30pm but took a nap for quite awhile hah.

babies are doing great! wednesday the 18th is their appointment at wake med. i believe they are getting 4 or 5 shots. yikes. that's going to be a rough day for all of us ''/

i send links to jarrod all the time .. when i'm online browsing .. in hopes that i will open the door to the UPS man delivering all these goodies i pick out. i asked him the other night if he was getting my e-mails and he said he hadn't checked his mail in weeks. hah awesome. but he did inform me that he ordered this for our sweet girl :

i'm SO excited! she'll be able to wear it when nichole takes their photographs at the end of month! although it might be a little big for her head .. we'll just have to do some altering so it will fit.

i'm still not sure what the twins are going to wear for the pictures. we have a couple of cute outfits but nothing 'photography' worthy. i think i'll use some of my first pay-check to order them something special. i'm thinking something like this :


i love them! i think the twins would look precious in them. both are really cute. the flower headband wouldn't really go well with the second set but i'm sure we'll take quite a few outfits. and then of course if they just take a picture with diapers covers .. then the headband would go fine.

this would be cute too :

ahh .. i want it all. (:

grandma penland ordered the babies these that should be in sometime next week. i'm SUPER excited!!

the disney princess :

sea life :

they are going to LOVE them!!

i wish i could fit in 'em ..

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

T-minus 1 week until JMA

i cleaned, cleaned, cleaned today. there are two things that are never-ending in this house and that is dishes .. and laundry. i am caught up on both of these except for what was used tonight for dinner and two bottles that we just used. the laundry is all caught up besides what is in the dryer that needs to be folded. YAY. i feel accomplished today.

i'm going back to work in exactly one week from today. i'm excited. it seems like just yesterday i had three more weeks to go until 8/11. time sure does fly.

jarrod took the v50 to the vovlo dealership and the compressor and the two back tires need to be replaced. hello $$. i won't get it back until next week. at least the AC is FINALLY getting fixed.

next weekend is jonathan's birthday [my brother in law] and he wanted to have lunch over at our house this weekend to celebrate. we're going to cook some lasagna on sunday and my in laws, dad and mom [carolyn] are also coming by. the babies will be so happy to have all those visitors. that means they will sleep good for mommy and daddy (:

i went through all of their clothes and got out the onesies that are now too small for them to wear. i have ecstatic that they are growing and getting bigger but it was also kind of sad because they are growing up .. i know .. silly .. but i can already tell that it's flying by all of a sudden. we're going to keep the clothes upstairs in case we decide to have more babies in a few years. hey, we got time.

monday we are going to see dr. privette since it'll be the last day that i'll have a chance to for awhile. tuesday i have payton's eye appointment and then i'll be working from wednesday on.

i'm super excited about susan and my "mommies night out" in october! we are going to see this talented girl :

miranda lambert will be at the durham bulls stadium and it'll be a blast. eric church will also be there which i loooove as well. i've got to order my ticket next week. FUN.

grandma penland got the twins some new clothes! i had a great time going through them. i snapped a picture of payton in one of her new outfits but by the time i got the camera out sawyer had already messed up his ''/ i will get some pictures of him tomorrow.

pretty girl.

tomorrow is more cleaning and loving on my babies. then it's FRIDAY!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

let's bounce (:

i had a wonderful day with the babies as usual! it's amazing how much they teach me about myself everyday. i believe they are going to teach me way more than i'll ever teach them. however, i'm excited to show them the world and teach them all about it. it's a rather scary world and many things need to be changed. hopefully our babies and everyone that has had kids recently will be the change the world needs.

we've added some rice cereal to sawyer's bottles. he seems to like it .. or rather he doesn't dislike it. payton is still on her regular neosure with simply thick. i think we'll be able to start with some solids in about a month. i'm excited to make huge messes and take ridiculous amounts of pictures.

payton had a strange eating day. she had some spit up .. twice. she also threw up a good amount of one bottle this afternoon. it got all over her and me of course .. and also the couch and floor. i was on the phone with jarrod when this occurred and promptly hung up on him which got him worried. she had three outfit changes today .. apparently she was unhappy with my choices of clothes today ;)

jarrod took my car to the volvo dealership so they can look at fixing my AC. this will be the 4th time. but this time it's an volvo dealership .. so if they can't fix it then i don't know what in the world to do. i need the AC. only for the babies. i don't ever use it personally because i'm always so cold natured.

aunt susan got these wonderful taggy blankets for the twins that i'm in LOVE with. i took a couple of pictures :

they are monogrammed with their initials. [which is my FAVORITE thing in the world!]

tonight we tried out one of the bouncey seats .. we have three i believe .. but this one was the smallest and we had to pack it with blankets so they would fit snug in there. we are aware that they are too young to actually use it but we did it mostly for giggles and just see if they liked it or not (: there's a video of both babies but it was uploaded on FB on jarrod's computer and i can't seem to transfer it from FB onto here since i wasn't the one who uploaded it. hm. here's some pictures we took of the bouncing fun :D

that's it for now. time to get some sleep (:

Sunday, August 1, 2010

sleepy sunday

we had a great day. i always enjoy when jarrod gets to stay home with us on the weekends. my in-laws came by to spend time with the babies and i was able to get some of my chores accomplished. we decided to head to buy buy baby because we needed some pacifier wipes [i'm addicted to them] and jarrod's mom went with us. we had a nice time and then headed home since it was about time for the babies to eat.

they are growing so much. i can't hardly believe it. i see changes in them every day. they are both smiling and 'cooing'. sawyer .. still more so than payton .. but she's smiled a lot today! i got up pretty early this morning to start my cleaning and took this picture :

the last picture makes me smile so much. all three of my loves sleeping. it makes my heart skip a beat.