Saturday, September 11, 2010

a new car ...

seat .. people .. not an actual car .. we're too poor for that ;)

paylou got her a new car seat today which i am super excited about! it's just like her brother's now but a different color. i took some pictures [ shocking i know ]

apparently sawyer wasn't pleased that he didn't get a new car seat .. but that was quickly fixed with a bottle of yummy neosure. he was good with it.

payton's car seat was a mess and her head would kinda go flying around the place when she would fall asleep in it. we had to get rid of that thing asap. i sat in the back with the babies on the way home from harris teeter tonight and it was MUCH better.

we had our LAST eye exam last week!! i am SO happy we don't have to go back for a year. we do have to keep an eye out for a couple of things but hopefully they wont have any problems or need glasses. i'm just glad the ROP is gone. i prayed and prayed and prayed. probably to the point of the Lord asking me to stop praying about it hah .. i'm sure he gets a little tired of hearing from me .. i think i talk to him at least 3972063720 times a day.

the twins got their first of two flu shots last week .. they did great .. no crying .. no screaming .. no tears. GO BABIES GO! i need to get one soon .. which there will be crying .. screaming .. and tears .. i'm pretty sure of.

we have liz with the CDSA coming on friday and bringing the physical therapist to evaluate the babies. i really like liz a lot .. i'm hoping the PT will be just as nice.

friday when i got home from work .. jarrod left pretty quick since he needed to leave work early to go with me to JMA to take the twins .. so i ate some lunch and then grabbed sawyer out of his bouncey seat. the boy had poop all down his leg and all in the seat. omgosh i haven't ever seen that much poop in my life!! it was all in his fat rolls on his legs and just caked on his hiney .. it was a hot mess. i just put that boy in the tub and cleaned him up that way. since they are on simply thick .. their poop is always .. how do you say it .. like gel. so it's really gooey .. hah .. okay .. enough amanda. needless to say .. i thanked jarrod for leaving me with that ;)

i get paid next friday which i am SUPER excited about. there's a couple of things i want to get the twins. i did order a smocked crab outfit for payton .. so i've got to order something for sawbug. i didn't see anything i loved for him. it's hard to buy for one and not the other .. so i'll make it up to him this coming weekend :D

i think we have decided on a pirate theme for sawyer on his 1st birthday and hello kitty theme for payton for her 1st birthday. i've already done a lot of research and found everything for both themes. i can't wait! it'll be in february .. during RSV season .. so i'm not quite sure if we should wait to have a party-party with everyone until after RSV season is over with. a lot of people don't know or understand RSV .. but it's a whole other world for parents of preemies. we will keep the babies at home during the months of RSV .. some places i've heard Oct-March and some Oct-May .. so i'll see what JMA tells me. they will be getting the synagis shot monthly to help fight it though. i know some people wont understand the importance of them not getting sick .. even if someone has a runny nose they will not be allowed near the babies. i don't feel bad about this because it's my job to keep my children healthy .. not to sound mean .. but that's that way it is and it's not worth the twins having to be hospitalized if i can prevent that. i will do anything and everything in my power to prevent that.

now a lighter note ;)

the twins are both still sleeping through the night and usually wake up in the mornings as i'm leaving. i usually get a couple of smiles .. which makes my morning (:

i have lots more but it's almost time for bottles and bedtime. talk tomorrow <3

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

i was tagged (:

1. what's your favorite form of exercise?
does anyone really have a 'favorite'?! i would have to say shopping.

2. are you an early bird or night owl?
not really either .. if i'm busy in the AM then it doesn't bother me .. but waking up early with nothing much to do stinks.

3. what's the greatest lesson you learned from your parents?

4. did you choose the right major in college? if no, what would you change?
i went for a semester to go to nursing school but i was working full time and then i became preggers! it was too much for me. i had to work.

5. what kind of driver are you? slow & cautious? calm & assertive? aggressive? road rager?
oh, you don't want to go there with me. people make me SO mad. i'm a good driver .. that's the kind that i am :D

6. can you feel changes in the weather? stiff joints, crazy hair, changes in your skin?

7. what's your best & worst memory from high school?
best : winning homecoming queen.
worst : being cheated on.

8. if you're sad, what's the one thing that can make you happier?
other than my babies and hubby .. the beach.

9. what's your least favorite food?
sushi. ew.

10. as a past wedding guest, what's the one thing that annoyed you? how did you change it at your wedding?
hm .. never really been annoyed .. or at least i haven't noticed anything in particular.

11. what movie can you quote along with the best?
splash, the little mermaid hah

12. what's your favorite thing about blogging?
hopefully the twins will read it one day!

13. if you could live in another decade what would it be and why?
i would have to agree with hannah .. the 90s.

14. where has the best meal of your life been and what was it?
no clueeee.

15. what's your guilty pleasure tv show?
jersey shore. geeez.

Monday, September 6, 2010

lovely babies (:

nichole sent me some pictures that she took yesterday of the twins! we'll get to see the rest in 1-2 weeks!! i LOVE them .. she does amazing work!

i updated but then my mac froze and i had to shut it down .. i am way tired to re-write it all. let's just say .. i know why they call it 'labor day' .. because all i did was labor!

i'll update more tomorrow. we have paylou's eye appointment at 2.


Sunday, September 5, 2010

'ello friends.

yes .. it's been a few days since i've updated but we've been rather busy. i had to take payton to see dr artman last week because she had a _____ pearl. it's a long word and all medical sounding so i didn't quite catch the first part of it. but it's like thrush and nothing to worry about. whew. however i had to take both babies by myself to the doctor's office. that.wasn't.easy. we were late and thankfully dusty came out to the car to help me! and she even wore gloves hah .. that girl makes me smile.

liz from the CDSA came out to meet us and the twins to set up our evaluation of the babies. she was super cool and i just love her to pieces. they are coming on september 17th and bringing the physical therapist to take a look at them both .. and especially payton. i'm glad she's coming with liz. i want to get all the help either baby needs asap so we're tackling it head on. i was filling out the chadis questionnaire for their 6 month well check and they are doing everything they should be for the most part. they aren't grabbing for objects yet .. i believe that's the only thing that neither are really doing as of yet. i'm super proud of them. they are such blessings.

i got my paycheck on friday and by sunday it's gone. not a cent left. we went shopping and both got some new shoes and i got some jeans .. FINALLY. i got a pair from hollister and prayed while trying to fit those hips in those jeans. but they fit and i was happy (: otherwise jarrod would've had to be stuck with me for the rest of the day being ill and upset over the fact that i never eat much and still can't get all my fat into some jeans. needless to say .. he didn't have to endure that for the rest of the weekend. we had a great time at crabtree. people go NUTS over the twins .. especially at that mall for some reason. many, many people stopped us and i had to say "please don't touch!" about 10 times .. but everyone was really cool about it and didn't take offense to it. a couple of people said "well they both look like their daddy! mommy you don't get any credit except for having them!" .. thanks .. appreciate that hah. it does make me smile though that they look like their daddy (: maybe they'll get my brains .. oh Lord .. we're going to be in big trouble then. ;)

i got two pairs of earrings .. because of course i needed those .. and jarrod got two UNC t-shirts, me a UNC dress and the babies matching UNC onesies. we wore those for our family picture (: i can't wait to see the end result.

so after all of that .. and loading my starbucks card for the week .. i'm back down to $0.

i got 2 more weeks to go then we'll go at it again :D i have lots on my list of 'needs'

today nichole came over to take some pictures of the twins and brought along sarah! i've known her from myspace and facebook for years so it was pretty sweet meeting her in person! i was so excited to meet nichole .. her work is absolutely ahhh-mazing! i can't wait to see the pictures and nichole looked precious with her little baby bumperoo (: we had a wonderful time with them and neither baby used the bathroom on her stuff! yay!

sarah, me and nichole

jarrod's parents came by to see the babies for a little while today [they come every sunday] and then we headed to target after they had left. i have been asked now twice in one week if the twins are identical. i'm just going to start saying 'sure are!'

we got home and ate some dinner and now here we are! i received an invitation to carolina conceptions annual baby reunion but we aren't going to be able to go because it's in october and it's at the marbles children's museum. that will be in the dead of RSV season .. and also they can't be around other babies/kids yet. ''/ i really wanted to go .. but the twins' health is so much more important! i also heard about wakemed's NICU having a reunion later this month .. so we might go to that. i'm going to see what nurses will be there and that will probably determine if we go or not. since it wont be in RSV season yet .. and it'll be outside .. we might be able to get away with attending. i'll look into that and make sure it'll be alright.

aunt jen [PREGNANT aunt jen] is coming september 20th to visit. i can't wait to see her and the little peanut!

well .. i think that is about it for now.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

27 is tiring.

i had a lovely birthday. both babies slept through the night and i woke up to my alarm going crazy. [well .. make that two alarm clocks .. i'm super paranoid about being late or over-sleeping] i got ready and woke jarrod up to let him know payton slept through the night and would probably need a bottle soon.

on my way to work i stopped by starbucks [like usual] and the guy who usually makes my drink [i went to lake boone today] tried guessing how old i was turning. know what i got?


yes, friends .. 22. i definitely don't feel 22 .. but hey i'll take it!

so far 27 has been kinda crazy. i had to go to the health dept. like i mentioned yesterday .. which there is nothing about the health department that is 'healthy' .. i feel like i caught 12 viruses just walking up in there. i changed clothes as soon as i got home.

before leaving for my appointment i changed sawyer and noticed those bumps were multiplying .. uh oh .. not good news at all. i called JMA and hannah fit us in with dr artman so he could take a look at him. he has a rash and got some prescription cream to put on it. poor guy. jarrod called me on his way home and he was stuck in really bad traffic. it was suppose to be harris teeter day .. but it didn't happen ''/ we were both so tired and it was already 6pm. my mother in law went by food lion for us though to get us some pepsi/diet pepsi to get us through the rest of the night (:

i got a picture printer and frames from my in-laws for my birthday! i've been printing pictures left and right! i LOVE it. you can scan pictures with it as well and it's wireless! i've been scanning and sending them to my computer. color me happy!! i love it!

my dad and mom [carolyn] called me this morning on the way to work! she was the first to wish me a happy birthday (: i hope we get to see them this weekend.

i didn't get the ipad. i had a feeling i would .. but i had a stronger feeling that i wouldn't hah. oh, well. one can dream.

it's 8:30 and i'm about to pass out. my dishwasher got fixed this morning which is a good enough birthday present all on it's own.

i'm hoping to take the babies out this weekend with jarrod and have some family time. i have GOT to clean this house. it's riiiiidiculous!

so that was my birthday. after 21 it's kinda like whatever.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

so long 26. only 12 more hours left.

'ello friends (:

we had a pretty good night .. sawyer, paylou and i went to bed around 9:30pm while daddy stayed up for a bit playing playstation .. or xbox .. one or the other. neither baby wanted to go to bed .. but i finally calmed both down and we were all dreamin' away in minutes. i did have a lot of weird dreams last night though. i had a nightmare and woke up petrified. i got up and walked through the house checking all the doors .. which i found that the front door was unlocked .. and the door to the garage was locked but the actual garage door was up. really. hello serial killer .. come right on in. so needless to say at 6am this morning .. i made it known i was a little unhappy about that situation. sawyer slept through the night like he always does and payton did too! i woke up a few times to check on her to see if she was getting hungry but she was sound asleep. i got up this AM and got ready. i could hear her starting to wake up .. so i rushed and grabbed a bottle to warm up. i got ready, washed my hands and changed her. once her bottle was ready i woke jarrod up [a few times] and got them situated. [note .. this is when the talk about the previously mentioned incident happened] i LOCKED the door and headed to work.

jarrod called me at work and told me sawyer started crying again as soon as i left. aw. ''/ little pum'kin.

i got home around 12:30pm and ate some lunch and kissed the hubby goodbye. we had a good afternoon .. i had to wash 30975 bottles since the dishwasher is still broken [he comes tomorrow AM .. YAY] and cleaned up a bit. i noticed sawyer had these little bumps on his thigh so i called JMA and they think it's from his vaccine. i got some cortizone cream and they said to keep an eye on it. i also noticed that payton's eye was horribly red in the white area of her eye. i called the eye doctor and he called me back saying that it would be fine and there's nothing to do about it. he said it happens sometimes when he uses that instrument during the exams. ''/ breaks my heart.

well .. tomorrow is the big day. 27. twenty-seven. 2-7. this whole year i've thought i was turning 26 until jarrod reminded me that i .. indeed .. am already 26. sad. 26 is my favorite number .. and there it goes.

i have to go by the health department tomorrow. on my birthday. really. don't ask why i have to go there .. long story.

so we have a full month to still take the babies out and about. once RSV season gets here there will be no venturing out. we'll have to do it next RSV season as well. i rather be safe than sorry .. anyways .. shopping is nowhere on the map compared to the importance of my babies' health. forget going out!

so i've been going to the lake boone trail starbucks since i've been back to work and there's this guy there that comments on my accent like every-single-day. well .. i decided to go to the starbucks i went to every morning before getting preggers on blue ridge. it was SO nice! the 4 main people in the AMs that work there were so happy to see me! they even remembered my name and what i wanted! [i still can't decide if that's a good or bad thing] but it made me feel SO great! they didn't know i had been pregnant and just thought i stopped coming by. i didn't drink coffee while pregnant .. see i told you i did everything by the book .. so i guess i should've at least let them know so they didn't think i got hit by a bus or anything.

i believe that is about it for tonight. it's time to give the babies a bath and relax for a little bit. then when it's time to wake up .. i'll be the birthday girl .. and officially 27 at 8:26am .. on 8/26. i had good timing comin' into this world.


Monday, August 23, 2010

eye'm crazy.

would it be ridiculous if i said i could/wanted to go to bed at 8pm? i am soooooooo tired and sleepy. ahh-mazing.

i woke up through out the night being paranoid payton would start crying to eat .. i know sawyer wont because that boy goes all night until about 8am .. but payton usually wakes up anywhere between 4am-6:30am. my alarm clock finally went off at 5:50am and payton was wiggling around in her co-sleeper. i quietly got up and got dressed .. made my way into the bathroom and got ready. by the time i was done she was awake and wanted a bottle .. i got that ready and warming while changing her and talking to her. apparently i am very animated and loud .. but it woke sawyer up and he just watched me finish getting ready. i woke jarrod up when the bottle was ready so he could feed her as i was walking out the door. as soon as i closed the front door jarrod said sawyer started screaming .. and didn't stop. needless to say .. jarrod was unhappy with my excitement with the babies at 6am.

work went well .. i got to talk to one of my favorite moms on the phone so that was nice.

okay. so that was the post from yesterday. i had to stop mid-post because things got kinda .. what's the word .. hectic!



i got up at 5am to feed payton and just stayed awake since i usually get up at 5:50am. you can imagine how out of it i am at this moment. i feel like i've been up for 2 days straight. in-sane!

work was great again today. i left at 11:30am and headed home to pick payton up to take her back to blue ridge so she could get her eye exam out of the way. they are still getting better and drew a picture for me .. they are getting considerably better from 2 weeks ago and he said "she's heading in the right direction!" and seemed pleased! YAY. i'm a freeeeak over the eyes. just ask any of the nurses and neonatologists. they know i'm crazy. but we go back in 2 weeks for another re-check. the doctor kept calling her 'him' and mind you .. she was dressed in flowers and a bow. really. i'm aware that i got the idea for the name 'payton' from 'peyton manning' .. but the little girl's name in the "game plan" was payton and the woman's name in 'the hand that rocks the cradle' was named payton .. although the last one .. was a little NUTS. anyways .. i hope she doesn't get too much grief over her name later in life. i love it and tried to pick something normal .. nothing like 'star' or 'cloud'. guess we should've gone with 'cloud'.

i got an e-mail from a nurse that took care of payton and sawyer today and there was a bit that i wanted to share because it really made my day.

‎"I think the two of you are still yet the "best" parents I've encountered over the last 23 years of NICU nursing."

wow. ahh-mazing. i'm so glad others can see how much jarrod and i love these two babies. i can't imagine my life without them. they are my everything.

as the 'birthday week' [i've never done the whole birthday week thing .. but jarrod said i get a birthday week .. and well i'm not going to argue with him on that one] and i was suppose to order the twins UNC outfits the other night for day 3 but couldn't find anything i loved. i think we'll wait and go to chapel hill this weekend and see what i can find there. yesterday for day 4 i got a starbucks card!! if you know anything about me .. i am addicted to starbucks. yes .. hello my name is amanda and i'm addicted to mocha frapps' .. seriously .. if there was some support group .. i would be in attendance. anyways .. i'm wondering what i'll get tonight. i'm kinda diggin' this whole 'birthday week' situation.

the man came to fix the dishwasher this morning .. and left us with a broken dishwasher. awesome. thanks. he will be back on thursday to actually fix it with the parts he needs.

so today .. i drove to raleigh twice and back to hillsborough twice. sometimes i wish i could pick the house up and move this sucker back to cary [ circa 1995 .. minus the 9729067209762 people that have moved there ] so we could be closer to all my friends and 90% of the NICU nurses. ''/ i kinda get sad that we have no friends out here .. especially ones with kids. [babies] not that we could be around them right now .. but i mean once the babies get a little older .. and hit that 1 year mark. i really want them to get accepted to grace christian .. and all the friends they make there .. will be at least 45 minutes away ''/ i guess we could find a good private school in chapel hill .. but still. i guess i should be thankful for having a place to call home .. but you catch my drift. any advice besides suck it up?

i haven't felt all that great the past couple of days. not sick or anything .. but dizzy .. lightheaded .. jittery [ is even a word? ] and today at the doctor's office i felt a little nauseous. no .. it's not what you're thinking .. i'm good for at least 5 years ;) so i don't know what is going on. maybe just nerves or something? i don't feel nervous or stressed ..

well i'm always stressed with these germs. i'm terrified the babies are going to get sick. hello, medication, i should probably get to know you.

oh .. i forgot .. i did see a mom that i met while in the NICU. i was so happy to see her since i washed out her e-mail she had given me in the washing machine. she said she had a lot of questions for me .. so i'm anxious to hear from her and see how her little girl is doing. i noticed she had a monitor and she said that the baby was still on O2. her baby was a littler earlier than payton and sawyer. i remember those days .. and so thankful they are done and over with. i'm sure she'll be ecstatic when she can get rid of those dreaded tubes. everyone say a little prayer for her.

i think that's about it .. but it's early in the day .. well .. early as in 5:30pm .. which at this point feels like 4am to me.

<3 love.