Saturday, September 11, 2010

a new car ...

seat .. people .. not an actual car .. we're too poor for that ;)

paylou got her a new car seat today which i am super excited about! it's just like her brother's now but a different color. i took some pictures [ shocking i know ]

apparently sawyer wasn't pleased that he didn't get a new car seat .. but that was quickly fixed with a bottle of yummy neosure. he was good with it.

payton's car seat was a mess and her head would kinda go flying around the place when she would fall asleep in it. we had to get rid of that thing asap. i sat in the back with the babies on the way home from harris teeter tonight and it was MUCH better.

we had our LAST eye exam last week!! i am SO happy we don't have to go back for a year. we do have to keep an eye out for a couple of things but hopefully they wont have any problems or need glasses. i'm just glad the ROP is gone. i prayed and prayed and prayed. probably to the point of the Lord asking me to stop praying about it hah .. i'm sure he gets a little tired of hearing from me .. i think i talk to him at least 3972063720 times a day.

the twins got their first of two flu shots last week .. they did great .. no crying .. no screaming .. no tears. GO BABIES GO! i need to get one soon .. which there will be crying .. screaming .. and tears .. i'm pretty sure of.

we have liz with the CDSA coming on friday and bringing the physical therapist to evaluate the babies. i really like liz a lot .. i'm hoping the PT will be just as nice.

friday when i got home from work .. jarrod left pretty quick since he needed to leave work early to go with me to JMA to take the twins .. so i ate some lunch and then grabbed sawyer out of his bouncey seat. the boy had poop all down his leg and all in the seat. omgosh i haven't ever seen that much poop in my life!! it was all in his fat rolls on his legs and just caked on his hiney .. it was a hot mess. i just put that boy in the tub and cleaned him up that way. since they are on simply thick .. their poop is always .. how do you say it .. like gel. so it's really gooey .. hah .. okay .. enough amanda. needless to say .. i thanked jarrod for leaving me with that ;)

i get paid next friday which i am SUPER excited about. there's a couple of things i want to get the twins. i did order a smocked crab outfit for payton .. so i've got to order something for sawbug. i didn't see anything i loved for him. it's hard to buy for one and not the other .. so i'll make it up to him this coming weekend :D

i think we have decided on a pirate theme for sawyer on his 1st birthday and hello kitty theme for payton for her 1st birthday. i've already done a lot of research and found everything for both themes. i can't wait! it'll be in february .. during RSV season .. so i'm not quite sure if we should wait to have a party-party with everyone until after RSV season is over with. a lot of people don't know or understand RSV .. but it's a whole other world for parents of preemies. we will keep the babies at home during the months of RSV .. some places i've heard Oct-March and some Oct-May .. so i'll see what JMA tells me. they will be getting the synagis shot monthly to help fight it though. i know some people wont understand the importance of them not getting sick .. even if someone has a runny nose they will not be allowed near the babies. i don't feel bad about this because it's my job to keep my children healthy .. not to sound mean .. but that's that way it is and it's not worth the twins having to be hospitalized if i can prevent that. i will do anything and everything in my power to prevent that.

now a lighter note ;)

the twins are both still sleeping through the night and usually wake up in the mornings as i'm leaving. i usually get a couple of smiles .. which makes my morning (:

i have lots more but it's almost time for bottles and bedtime. talk tomorrow <3


  1. what size clothes are they in now?? (just trying to get an idea for proportionally how big they are)... they're growing so fast!! that neosure is crazy!!

    what is "simply thick"? never heard of that before?

  2. Yeah I've heard that RSV season ends in March as well.. Ethan had it when he was 3 months which would of been Dec - Scary stuff , he was hospitalized... Your such a great mommy to those babies:) Love reading your updates and seeing those pretty babies pictures!

  3. hannah .. they are still in some newborn clothes .. but mostly size small from target and 0-3 months in most other outfits. sawyer is definitely out of the NB pants but they still seem to fit payton pretty well.

    the neosure is crazy!! i'm so thankful for that stuff .. the last time payton was weighed she was 11lbs ?oz and that was a week or so ago (: sawyer is probably around 13lbs if not more by now. we have our 6 month well check at the end of the month so we'll find out then!

    simply thick is added to formula to thicken it up a little so they wont choke on it. they started it in the NICU because they would choke and drop their heart-rate .. so we've continued with it. it's awesome stuff .. it doesn't clog bottles like the rice cereal .. so we like it (: it does make for some gooey poop though!

  4. thank you erica!!! RSV is def. scary .. they will both get synagis each month .. so i'm thankful for that. i'm a nervous wreck though over it ''/ are you guys going to stay inside this RSV season??