Sunday, September 5, 2010

'ello friends.

yes .. it's been a few days since i've updated but we've been rather busy. i had to take payton to see dr artman last week because she had a _____ pearl. it's a long word and all medical sounding so i didn't quite catch the first part of it. but it's like thrush and nothing to worry about. whew. however i had to take both babies by myself to the doctor's office. that.wasn't.easy. we were late and thankfully dusty came out to the car to help me! and she even wore gloves hah .. that girl makes me smile.

liz from the CDSA came out to meet us and the twins to set up our evaluation of the babies. she was super cool and i just love her to pieces. they are coming on september 17th and bringing the physical therapist to take a look at them both .. and especially payton. i'm glad she's coming with liz. i want to get all the help either baby needs asap so we're tackling it head on. i was filling out the chadis questionnaire for their 6 month well check and they are doing everything they should be for the most part. they aren't grabbing for objects yet .. i believe that's the only thing that neither are really doing as of yet. i'm super proud of them. they are such blessings.

i got my paycheck on friday and by sunday it's gone. not a cent left. we went shopping and both got some new shoes and i got some jeans .. FINALLY. i got a pair from hollister and prayed while trying to fit those hips in those jeans. but they fit and i was happy (: otherwise jarrod would've had to be stuck with me for the rest of the day being ill and upset over the fact that i never eat much and still can't get all my fat into some jeans. needless to say .. he didn't have to endure that for the rest of the weekend. we had a great time at crabtree. people go NUTS over the twins .. especially at that mall for some reason. many, many people stopped us and i had to say "please don't touch!" about 10 times .. but everyone was really cool about it and didn't take offense to it. a couple of people said "well they both look like their daddy! mommy you don't get any credit except for having them!" .. thanks .. appreciate that hah. it does make me smile though that they look like their daddy (: maybe they'll get my brains .. oh Lord .. we're going to be in big trouble then. ;)

i got two pairs of earrings .. because of course i needed those .. and jarrod got two UNC t-shirts, me a UNC dress and the babies matching UNC onesies. we wore those for our family picture (: i can't wait to see the end result.

so after all of that .. and loading my starbucks card for the week .. i'm back down to $0.

i got 2 more weeks to go then we'll go at it again :D i have lots on my list of 'needs'

today nichole came over to take some pictures of the twins and brought along sarah! i've known her from myspace and facebook for years so it was pretty sweet meeting her in person! i was so excited to meet nichole .. her work is absolutely ahhh-mazing! i can't wait to see the pictures and nichole looked precious with her little baby bumperoo (: we had a wonderful time with them and neither baby used the bathroom on her stuff! yay!

sarah, me and nichole

jarrod's parents came by to see the babies for a little while today [they come every sunday] and then we headed to target after they had left. i have been asked now twice in one week if the twins are identical. i'm just going to start saying 'sure are!'

we got home and ate some dinner and now here we are! i received an invitation to carolina conceptions annual baby reunion but we aren't going to be able to go because it's in october and it's at the marbles children's museum. that will be in the dead of RSV season .. and also they can't be around other babies/kids yet. ''/ i really wanted to go .. but the twins' health is so much more important! i also heard about wakemed's NICU having a reunion later this month .. so we might go to that. i'm going to see what nurses will be there and that will probably determine if we go or not. since it wont be in RSV season yet .. and it'll be outside .. we might be able to get away with attending. i'll look into that and make sure it'll be alright.

aunt jen [PREGNANT aunt jen] is coming september 20th to visit. i can't wait to see her and the little peanut!

well .. i think that is about it for now.

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  1. You should definitely come to the reunion! I will be there, and probably a lot of other nurses you will know! It is a big, open outdoor area, and lots of fresh air. There shouldn't be any problem keeping other kids away from them, it is a big area. Just bring some hand sanitizer so people can use that if they are going to touch the babies (and by people I mean other nurses...or me! hehe). It really is a fun time. And free food!