Saturday, July 31, 2010

that's how we roll.

i haven't updated in a couple of days. i'm feeling a little better today .. up until this morning i was feeling HORRIBLE. i think i might finally be turning this whole 'not-feeling-well' thing around!

yesterday we got the babies packed up in the car and headed to southpoint. we got them in their stroller and walked around the mall. [mind you .. it was NOT crowded .. otherwise we wouldn't have gone] and sawyer LOVED it. payton slept for a good amount of time but eventually woke up and was wide eyed .. especially when we passed 'build a bear'. both of the babies eventually got upset [it was dinner time] and we had to leave. you can't imagine all the people who go CRAZY when they see twins. it's amazing. of course we made everyone stay at least 400 ft away and of course no touching. we couldn't stop smiling and laughing at everyone going wild over the babies!

let's go mommy & daddy!

payton is finally starting to smile more and 'coo' .. still not quite as much as sawyerbug but she is definitely getting there!

i caught her!

today i got to see susan .. she's like my sister. i've known her for about 4 years but haven't seen her in about a year and a half. she went with me to get my hair colored and we had so much fun. i miss her a lot. i love her to absolute pieces! i'm blessed to have her in my life.

i officially go back to work on 8-11. i'm excited! [i'm not sure if i've already blogged about the date or not] but i decided to go back the day after payton's eye exam. the following week i will have to miss a day to take the babies to their appointment at wake med.

well .. that's about it. babies have been doing great and getting so big. :D

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

dayquil, please.

i have not only seen my share of poop today [actually excited about that] but i reaaly feel like poop. it started late last night and throughout the night. this morning when i woke up to feed sawyer i felt like i had been hit by a ton of bricks. jarrod left early for work and i was home with the babies. the twins both had massive poops [omgosh!] and sawyer vomited all over his new outfit and pack-n-play. fun times.

since i'm not feeling well .. my day hasn't been all that smooth. usually the first thing i do in the morning is let tallulah out so she can do her business. well .. this morning i opened the bedroom door and since i had to feed both babies at the same time i forgot to close tallulah back in the bedroom. she went ahead and did her business .. 1 && 2 on the floor. i was feeding payton and smelled something [at this point i had no clue she had gotten out] and tallulah had poop all over her hind end! so i had to wash her and get her dried.

i texted jarrod and asked him if he could pick up some dayquil for me so he stopped by kerr drug and brought me some home. on my way in the kitchen to meet him .. i stepped in tallulah's number one! at this point i just started crying. it was so bad.

then jarrod left and went back to work. i took my dayquil and went on with my day.

he called to check on me and said he was going to come on home since i wasn't feeling well [around 2:30pm] and go grocery shopping for us. we had NO food. i was so glad he came home to help .. especially since i am feeling so bad ''/

we did have some good tummy time today. we used our favorite boppies that dr. privette passed along to us! they are super special to me because she used them when she had ashton and jack! here's some pictures of the fun. [well .. the fun until they were over it and wanted up ASAP]




i wonder why you always feel worse at night? i am past tired.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

*eye see rain.

so today i had to take miss payton to her eye exam. jarrod stayed at home with sawyer so he didn't have to go. thank goodness it wasn't hot outside today since the AC in my car still isn't working. if it's not scorching then the air will work fine for the most part. however it was raining up a storm when we pulled out of the driveway. [which i need new windshield wipers as well. my car is apparently a hot mess]

we got to our appointment and as i was getting payton out of the car she got a few rain drops on her .. it was hilarious. needless to say .. she doesn't care much for the rain. her appointment went well .. besides the agony of having to go through it and screaming her lungs out. the doctor said her eyes are getting better .. still stage 1 zone 3. she will need to be re-checked two weeks from today. i had to make the appointment for late in the day considering i'll be back at work then. i'll have to leave work at 11:30 and run home to get her and run back to raleigh. maybe it'll be that last time. i'm just thankful her eyes are healing! i contemplated running by starbucks on my way home but i knew i would have to get payton out in the rain again and i didn't want to do that .. so we just headed back home. i'm sure sawyer enjoyed spending a few extra hours with his daddy today.

i called hannah on my way back to hillsborough and talked to her for awhile. i got home and ate some lunch and jarrod left. sawyer slept pretty much the whole day [while i was here] and payton wouldn't nap. while i was gone jarrod did the dishes and started the laundry for me! it was a HUGE help. it's amazing how far behind i get if i don't do everything in order of my routine. i was happy!

i really need to shower but i don't have the energy to do so tonight. i did call and schedule a hair appointment .. finally. i'm sure my roots appreciate it greatly.

dr privette is at the computer drive office tomorrow and only tomorrow .. i'm hoping jarrod can come home a little early so we can take the babies by and see everyone. she would visit them while they were in the ICN when she was at the hospital .. and it meant the world to me.

ya know .. while we were at the ICN i was always worried/scared that the twins wouldn't know that i was their mommy. of course they would know jarrod because he was the only man around them .. well .. i take that back .. there is one male nurse [jed .. inside joke] but he only had the babies for eight hours one night and that was it. i remember being worried if they knew who i was or not.

i know now .. that was silly.

i found this online and thought it was pretty nifty.

it's a pillow with your child's silhouette! i just love it!

well .. that was my day. hopefully we'll get by kamm mckenzie tomorrow. i'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Monday, July 26, 2010

smiling babies.

payton and sawyer are two of the luckiest kids i know. they have so many wonderful people in their lives that care and love them. i find it to be truly amazing and appreciate the love more than i could possibly put into words.

they have many special, important people in their lives and three of those people came to visit them today! we were SO excited to see grandma susan, aunt emily and one of my 'moms' nancy! these three ladies helped our family so much during those first three months of payton and sawyer's lives. i don't know what i would've done without them.

the babies were so happy to see them. sawyer talked a bit and smiled a lot. payton rolled over a couple of times for them as we clapped! they showed off for them :D i think they thought if they kept entertaining them .. then they would stay and not leave hah. mommy was hoping for the same thing (: i enjoyed seeing them so much. they mean the world to me and i'm so blessed to have met those wonderful gals. i hope they stay in our lives forever. now i just have to get one of our other favorites, katrina, out here!

i called my bestie today and we talked for awhile. we're heading back to work around the same time and i'm so excited to be able to see her everyday. imagine being able to see your best friend everyday .. lucky! hannah, rion and bentlee are going to come over one night to grill out and maybe watch some movies or maybe hit up the wii and of COURSE take 805973057 pictures. i've got to get my picture board all set up for work. i didn't get a chance to spend much time with bentlee when we were at the doctors last week so i'm excited to see and snuggle him. they are going to stay the night and i'm just really excitedddd!

i was suppose to call and schedule a hair appointment on sunday but i keep forgetting. i WILL call tomorrow. my hair. not even going there. i'm pretty excited about getting it done though .. mainly because i get to see susan hah. that's the only reason i'm not putting it off.

my birthday is coming up on august 26th. it's a thursday and i'm not sure what we're going to do. i would like to have a few people over or something. we just live so far away from everyone i hate to ask people to drive all the way out here. ''/ i'll be twenty-seven. good gracious. i just turned twenty-one last week!

jarrod and i decided to take the babies out in public the other day. i had anxiety the whole time. up to the point of questioning to go home or not while getting out of the car. they haven't been anywhere besides the ICN, the special care clinic, and JMA. i'm still a little scared from taking them out. a woman sneezed in the store and i almost passed out. i'm not sure how long it'll be before i'm willing to do that again. [we went to babies r us at southpointe] and RSV season will be starting in a couple of months .. so they DEF. wont be going out in public then. i've never really been a big person on germs and people sneezing etc .. but once you have two preemies .. that changes big time. i might take it overboard .. but i can't let these babies get sick if i can prevent it. i will prevent it as much as i can. they're my life.

tonight will be the first night i'm not putting the pulse ox on paylou. she got some kind of red spot on her foot from it being on there from 2am to 6am. i don't know why .. but now i'm worried about putting it on her. i probably wont get much sleep tonight. she looked like she was going to throw up everywhere when i laid her down and swaddled her .. so i picked her up and she's laying on my chest while i type. sawyerbug went to bed when jarrod did at 11.

tomorrow is payton's eye exam. sawyer doesn't have to go back for a year so i know he's more than excited about that. again .. i will emphasis .. i hate going there. well .. i hate it for her. i'm praying it'll be the same for her tomorrow and she wont have to be seen again for a year. pray, pray, pray. me and the eyes ..

is it silly that i'm already getting excited over Christmas this year? it's going to be the most special Christmas yet. every year is special .. but this will be the first with the twins. ahhh-mazing. and then it'll be their first birthday before we know it. their party is going to be wonderful. you know i've already got my brain in motion thinking of themes and what-not. poor husband. i'm going all out :D

here's some pictures from today!

grandma susan & sawyer.

aunt emily & sawyerbug

sawyer smiling at grandma susan!

my ladies, babies & i (:

this picture makes me smile!

my nancy was finally able to get payton to nap!

sleeping good .. in good arms (:

it was a wonderful day with wonderful people (:

ohh and just a PS.

we love these face wipes :

but they are a little expensive .. especially the way i go through them. jarrod picked up these today when he went to the store to get neosure :

i used a couple tonight and i LOVE them. they are new and they smell wonderful.

Friday, July 23, 2010

starbucks, please?

today was so much better than yesterday. both babies were happy [for the most part] and looked precious in their new clothes. daddy went shopping the other day and surprised mommy with a couple outfits for each baby. they are both growing out of a lot of their clothes .. it seems like all of a sudden. especially sawyer .. at his rate he'll be in 2T by next week.

i'm going to get my hair colored hopefully next weekend. i'm going to call and see what is available. i usually go to goldsboro but now having the twins .. i can't travel that far or be away from them for that long period of time. once they get a little older i will be able to go back ''/ however .. i'm super excited that susan might be meeting me there!! i haven't seen her in years and i miss her bunches. we're going to get some starbucks and catch up while i get my hair done. i'm going to miss being away from the twins. it'll be the first time. i guess it'll get me used to going back to work!

today payton seems different to me. i think she is catching up with her brother more and more everyday. she smiles when we laugh and she's gaining more control if her head. they both can roll over and i can just tell she's putting on weight now. with sawyer you can tell he's a big guy but payton has always been on the smaller side.

i downloaded a new app for my iphone called 'baby connect' and you can put in all sorts of things like times of diaper changes, wet/poopy/both, bottle times && how much, dates of vaccines, medicines and what time they are due and the doses. you can keep track of how many hours they are sleeping and all sorts of stuff. it makes it a lot easier especially having two babies .. we are always asking 'well what time did he/she eat last?' .. and we never know. so it's amazing.

mom [carolyn] and dad are coming to visit tomorrow. i got to see my dad last weekend but i haven't seen mom in about 3 weeks! so i'm really excited.

i cooked jarrod lasagna tonight and i just ate a couple of sandwiches with a chocolate muffin. for some reason i feel like tonight is going to be a all-nighter. thank goodness the hubby doesn't have to work tomorrow.

i should really load the kids up in the car just to get some starbucks. i think they close at 9pm and it's pretty much 8:42pm .. first off .. it would take us at least 20 minutes to get everyone together .. and it takes about 20 minutes to actually get to a starbucks.

dear hillsborough, north carolina, please join the 21st century and get a starbucks. i am a mommy of two and i rather not have to drive to another city to get coffee. [ and while you are at it you're more than welcome to add a olive garden, target, harris teeter, barnes&noble and .. well .. anything at this point would be greatly appreciated]
yours truly.

it could happen.

they had a hard day.

my miss priss!

miss payton

my sawyerbug!

my handsome boy

nbhgvt5bvc xxdsw <------ payton saying hello (:

Thursday, July 22, 2010

oh, what a day.

i received this message the other day and it was probably one of the sweetest emails i've ever read :

"our babies were in the NICU together mine was a 34 weeker but they are now estimating my due date being off and saying he was more of a 32, 33 weeker bc of all the issues he now has..He came home the day before Peyton I think we were only there one time at the same time so I never actually got to meet you, I have just heard so many great things about you from the staff at Wakemed and I have a friend there Amy who is a RT. I just wanted to tell you how much you inspired me even though we never met, I am not a stalker lol...its just that was the worst thing I have ever had to go through in my entire life and even though we never met just hearing the stories about you and Jarrod and Hearing how much all the nurses loved your babies made me feel more at ease and at times I didnt know how I would get through the day and I would think she did it so you can too and look how far they came and how good they are I guess I want to say Thankyou... I have also been reading your blog and the first three made me cry like crazy you are a very strong person and you sound like an awesome mom! I am so Happy that you got to have your two sweet babies after having so much trouble with everything. Congrats and I am glad your twins are well and Happy Aniversary"

i wish i could've gotten to know her better while we were both there. we've sent emails back and forth and i'm very glad that she got in contact with me! i plan on staying in contact with her and watch her baby grow, grow, grow. he is absolutely precious. her email to me meant the world to me and things like that help me everyday.

my day was really difficult. i'm too tired to even begin to sit down and try to remember the sequence of events.

my cell phone got turned back on! yay for that.

i'm really looking forward to nancy and emily coming to visit. they're coming monday the 26th! shelley can't come as planned so i'm going to miss seeing her.

i'm sure glad tomorrow is friday .. i went ahead and washed all of my scrubs to get them ready for work. i don't go back until around the second week in august .. but i wanted to get everything in order. i usually procrastinate and i just know that the night before my first day back .. i would've totally forgotten to wash everything and have no clue where the scrubs even were to begin with. after looking through my scrubs .. i want some new ones .. but that would totally defeat the whole purpose of working. i need the mon-nayyyy and i definitely don't need it for scrubs. but it was just a thought. this is super cute.

ah i think it's adorable.

as i was online shopping .. well .. online browsing really .. i stumbled upon these :

they have to be the cutest stroller blankets i've ever seen. i'm pretty sure i want all three. i also stumbled across this .. which i think would be very helpful .. especially moms of multiples.

most of the ones that i've seen i haven't really liked .. but this one .. i looove. it looks so comfy and i love the color.

see .. i'm already putting that hard earned paycheck to work!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

i don't have any silly bandz but i have a couple silly babyz

the craze over the silly bandz is amazing! jarrod had mentioned something about it when we were still visiting the babies at the ICN because he saw walgreens had them on a poster board and asked me what they were. the smart person that i am .. i said 'maybe hair ties??' .. so i was a little off .. but then i started seeing them everywhere! i've even seen knock off silly bandz! anyways .. it's wild .. but i kinda want some!! i'm partial to the sea life ones.

although .. the top one looks like .. well i don't know what it is. a sea life bear? maybe it's a penguin? nah .. i don't know! i even asked jarrod and looked at me like i was crazy.


the twins had their '4 month well check' today! [even though they are only like 6 weeks and some change] and it went great! we got to see a lot of people i worked with .. there were a lot of new faces but i was so excited to finally get to see some of my favorites. we saw dr. artman and he said they looked great! he didn't have anything that he wanted us to change and said we were doing a great job. sawbug is now 10lbs 6oz and paylou is 9lbs 1oz! that's some big babies right there! i'm amazed! it's strange because saw looks so much bigger than pay but he really isn't. he's only 1 inch longer .. so i'm guessing she's just going to be petite. we got to see the bestie .. hannah .. and her adorable family today. it was only for a couple of minutes .. and i can't believe how big bentlee is getting! i didn't get to hold him because of all the madness but i'll get to soon. sawyer started spitting up and hannah grabbed a tissue to wipe his mouth and he smiled at her!!! i love it!!! he didn't smile at any of the other girls .. just at miss hannah. i think he has a crush. rion and hannah are going to come to the house one night and grill out .. i can't flippin' wait!! i love them to pieces. she's like my sister.

overall the appointment was great and he did put both babies on some medicine for reflux. it's a compound so i've got to take it to burlington tomorrow [or jarrod does] to medicap so they can fill it for us. i'm thinking about making my first outing tomorrow with the twins to pick it up. i wont have to get out of the car since they have a drive thru so i think i can handle it. we'll see though .. if jarrod gets off work in time we're going to take the babies to kamm mckenzie to see everyone and dr. privette. i'm hoping SO much that he gets off in time. if not, maybe on friday. we also need to take them by carolina conceptions .. so we'll probably do that the same day since they are close to one another. i ment to get some pictures today but forgot the camera. go amanda.

i have decided that i'm going to go back to work. part time. 7:30-11:30. monday-friday. i can do this only because jarrod has worked it out that he can do his work from home in the mornings and watch the twins until i get home and then he can leave the house and actually go into the office or on a job etc. i couldn't have done it if he couldn't have worked it out .. i refuse to put them in daycare or have someone watch them that .. well .. didn't have them at the ICN. it might sound mean or uptight .. but i'm sure if anyone else in my shoes that had their babies go through what they did .. they would want someone that knows what they're doing in an emergency situation to know exactly what to do. i might be called a name or two for that .. but they're my babies and .. well .. i have that right. i believe jarrod would agree also. but i am really excited about going back and working some .. i loved it and glad i get to be around my friends [and best friend] again. i have a feeling though .. on the way to work the first day .. i'm going to cry the whole way there. i just have a feeling. then i'm going to hit lake boone trail and pull into starbucks and get a venti mocha light frappucino, head to work for 4 hours with some of my favorites and then back home to the two [three] loves of my life! life is good (:

ohhh .. jarrod did get me a card for our anniversary. i didn't get him anything :X so bad. my mother in law went to olive garden and got us take out though!! super nice of her to do that .. and she even had to go through a storm twice to get it! so we had a lovely meal with our lovely babies for our anniversary (:

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


today is our 4 year wedding anniversary. we got married twice. well .. not really .. we got married at the courthouse in wilmington, north carolina on july 20th and then had a big ceremony on january 20th so we could celebrate with all of our friends. sadly i did not take any pictures on our actual wedding day .. but i did save the dress (: i figured i would post some pictures that were taken over the past four years. enjoy (:

our first Christmas.
a night out in wilmington.

our engagement picture

we took this the day we decided to move to the beach.
oh how i miss it.
so much.

us at kenny chesney concert

out and about in raleigh.

a couple years ago.

hanging out with friends at the pool.

the maxim party in raleigh.

one of the first pictures we took together.

jarrod's 26th birthday.

just us.

Christmas '09. with payton, sawyer, tallulah && dallas.
payton && sawyer would arrive 2 months later

our wedding day.

i have millions more but i figured this was good enough. jarrod has been at work all day .. and my day has been CRAZY. payton threw up everywhere .. all over her swing, the floor, me and her .. all the while sawyer is screaming [no, not just crying] because he was hungry. needless to say i took 2 advil liquigels and prayed.

sawyer is asleep .. happy and full .. payton is looking around at her mobile making noises and sounding like she's giggling. they did not enjoy tummy time today .. only did it for about 15 minutes because they were so upset. apparently tummy time is not happy time.

i got the laundry and dishes done .. and cleaned up a bit. so far .. that's been my day. is it 6 o'clock yet?

Monday, July 19, 2010

when it rains .. it pours

as in the weather the past couple of days/nights. hillsborough sure did get a nice bath. the twins seem to like listening to the rain .. puts them right to sleep. i should invest in one of those sound machines .. hm.

nothing too exciting happened today .. a few diet secrets on tyra and a couple of paternity tests on maury. can i just say how horrible daytime television is? it's riiiiiidiculous.

baby-wise .. it was a good day. babies were happy ALL day! smiles and giggles were everywhere! payton is starting to catch up with sawyer a bit with the 'cooing' .. not as much as him but she's starting! that makes mommy happy. they're both smiling and they've both found their bottom lip. yes .. the bottom lip that they will poke out for years to come. payton found it first and i think she secretly told sawyer about it. now when they cry .. they bring out the bottom lip. it's amazing. sawyer slept pretty much all night .. eight hours! woah baby! payton on the other hand just wanted to eat every three hours. but then again .. it was her strange eating day.

i took a couple of pictures and a video that i tried to upload earlier but it said it would take like an hour to upload so i said forget it.

well .. it's about bath time for the babies and i need to mix some milk up for payton .. sawyer is good to go (:

Sunday, July 18, 2010

laundry, laundry go away .. come again another day!

yesterday was a crazy day. it was all the normal stuff with the twins but for some reason they had some attitude .. well .. i should say more attitude ;) i really wish they hadn't gotten that from their daddy :D

it was a different day for payton and her feedings. she was only taking about 2ounces at a time and falling asleep while eating. she would only go about 2 hours and be hungry again. she usually takes in around 3-4ounces at a time. then once in awhile she'll have 4ounces and then be hungry in about 30 minutes and take in around 2 more ounces. so yesterday she threw me through a loop! sawyer is still eating like a champ .. no changes really with his appetite. however he wasn't a very happy baby last night. he didn't like the swing, didn't like the pack-n-play, didn't like to be held .. he was just unhappy. i'm taking note that it was maybe just gas or reflux that was causing him to be upset yesterday. or he could be getting tired of looking at us :D i'm sure he wonders where all those pretty nurses that gave him so much attention went to.

last night jarrod and i didn't get to bed until around 4am. yes. 4am. we got up for good around 12pm when my dad rang the doorbell. i was so happy to see him! carolyn wasn't able to come because she's got some kidney stones [poor girl] so we missed seeing her. we ate some lunch while dad fed sawyer .. he left around 2 and said he'd look into what to do about my car's AC. yes .. it is still broken. i wont get into how much it makes me mad .. so i'll just leave it at that. they are going to hopefully come next weekend if she doesn't go into surgery on friday to remove the stone ''/

around 2:30 my in-laws came over to spend some time with the babies. jonathan and kristen couldn't come because she is sick ''/ it was nice seeing them. the babies stayed awake the whole time [from the time my dad got here until my in-laws left] .. they LOVE visitors .. and now they have been sleeping since 4pm. zonked out!

last night i noticed payton has some redness on her cheeks and chin. it looks like a rash .. but no bumps really. it scared me a little but i thought maybe it was the sweatshirt i was wearing that was causing the redness .. so i changed and today it's a little better but still red ''/ of course .. me being me .. i dr google'd it and it seems to be a common thing that can happen to babies around 6 weeks old. they are now just 6 weeks 1 day adjusted. then again .. i don't know if that really goes along with preemies .. like i don't know if they would've gotten it 6 weeks after they were born or if it's the adjusted age. i'll probably call tomorrow if it's still not better. they said to put vaseline or lotion on her face but i don't really like taking the advice of dr google .. i just like reading about it and it scaring me to pieces. apparently.

sawyer is still sleeping .. actually as i'm typing this he is making noises .. the noises meaning 'i'm about to wake up .. have my food ready. now' and i just got done feeding payton between the last paragraph and the one before it. she is now on a pooping mission and i'm loving it .. i just hope she doesn't decide to go back to once a day .. or once every other day ''/ when i changed her she wasn't quite done so we went through 2 diapers with poop and then she starting peeing so onto diaper numero 3. she also got it all over her onesie. sawyer went through 3 different outfits yesterday and i'm thinking the twins just like to hear the washer and dryer going. that must be it (:

jarrod is going in early tomorrow && early tuesday morning. goodness. tuesday is our anniversary and we'll probably spend it here with the babies. bologna sandwiches for me, leftover spaghetti for the hubby and yummy formula for the two little ones.

sounds like a date (: