Thursday, August 26, 2010

27 is tiring.

i had a lovely birthday. both babies slept through the night and i woke up to my alarm going crazy. [well .. make that two alarm clocks .. i'm super paranoid about being late or over-sleeping] i got ready and woke jarrod up to let him know payton slept through the night and would probably need a bottle soon.

on my way to work i stopped by starbucks [like usual] and the guy who usually makes my drink [i went to lake boone today] tried guessing how old i was turning. know what i got?


yes, friends .. 22. i definitely don't feel 22 .. but hey i'll take it!

so far 27 has been kinda crazy. i had to go to the health dept. like i mentioned yesterday .. which there is nothing about the health department that is 'healthy' .. i feel like i caught 12 viruses just walking up in there. i changed clothes as soon as i got home.

before leaving for my appointment i changed sawyer and noticed those bumps were multiplying .. uh oh .. not good news at all. i called JMA and hannah fit us in with dr artman so he could take a look at him. he has a rash and got some prescription cream to put on it. poor guy. jarrod called me on his way home and he was stuck in really bad traffic. it was suppose to be harris teeter day .. but it didn't happen ''/ we were both so tired and it was already 6pm. my mother in law went by food lion for us though to get us some pepsi/diet pepsi to get us through the rest of the night (:

i got a picture printer and frames from my in-laws for my birthday! i've been printing pictures left and right! i LOVE it. you can scan pictures with it as well and it's wireless! i've been scanning and sending them to my computer. color me happy!! i love it!

my dad and mom [carolyn] called me this morning on the way to work! she was the first to wish me a happy birthday (: i hope we get to see them this weekend.

i didn't get the ipad. i had a feeling i would .. but i had a stronger feeling that i wouldn't hah. oh, well. one can dream.

it's 8:30 and i'm about to pass out. my dishwasher got fixed this morning which is a good enough birthday present all on it's own.

i'm hoping to take the babies out this weekend with jarrod and have some family time. i have GOT to clean this house. it's riiiiidiculous!

so that was my birthday. after 21 it's kinda like whatever.

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  1. Hey - I hope everything is ok, I am no longer able to PM you on facebook - I'm not sure what happened there. I'm leaving Wilmington today and headed up to my moms, I would love to still work with you and your family if you are still up for it! Feel free to e-mail nichole.lupton [at] or you can call my cell 9102978295