Wednesday, August 25, 2010

so long 26. only 12 more hours left.

'ello friends (:

we had a pretty good night .. sawyer, paylou and i went to bed around 9:30pm while daddy stayed up for a bit playing playstation .. or xbox .. one or the other. neither baby wanted to go to bed .. but i finally calmed both down and we were all dreamin' away in minutes. i did have a lot of weird dreams last night though. i had a nightmare and woke up petrified. i got up and walked through the house checking all the doors .. which i found that the front door was unlocked .. and the door to the garage was locked but the actual garage door was up. really. hello serial killer .. come right on in. so needless to say at 6am this morning .. i made it known i was a little unhappy about that situation. sawyer slept through the night like he always does and payton did too! i woke up a few times to check on her to see if she was getting hungry but she was sound asleep. i got up this AM and got ready. i could hear her starting to wake up .. so i rushed and grabbed a bottle to warm up. i got ready, washed my hands and changed her. once her bottle was ready i woke jarrod up [a few times] and got them situated. [note .. this is when the talk about the previously mentioned incident happened] i LOCKED the door and headed to work.

jarrod called me at work and told me sawyer started crying again as soon as i left. aw. ''/ little pum'kin.

i got home around 12:30pm and ate some lunch and kissed the hubby goodbye. we had a good afternoon .. i had to wash 30975 bottles since the dishwasher is still broken [he comes tomorrow AM .. YAY] and cleaned up a bit. i noticed sawyer had these little bumps on his thigh so i called JMA and they think it's from his vaccine. i got some cortizone cream and they said to keep an eye on it. i also noticed that payton's eye was horribly red in the white area of her eye. i called the eye doctor and he called me back saying that it would be fine and there's nothing to do about it. he said it happens sometimes when he uses that instrument during the exams. ''/ breaks my heart.

well .. tomorrow is the big day. 27. twenty-seven. 2-7. this whole year i've thought i was turning 26 until jarrod reminded me that i .. indeed .. am already 26. sad. 26 is my favorite number .. and there it goes.

i have to go by the health department tomorrow. on my birthday. really. don't ask why i have to go there .. long story.

so we have a full month to still take the babies out and about. once RSV season gets here there will be no venturing out. we'll have to do it next RSV season as well. i rather be safe than sorry .. anyways .. shopping is nowhere on the map compared to the importance of my babies' health. forget going out!

so i've been going to the lake boone trail starbucks since i've been back to work and there's this guy there that comments on my accent like every-single-day. well .. i decided to go to the starbucks i went to every morning before getting preggers on blue ridge. it was SO nice! the 4 main people in the AMs that work there were so happy to see me! they even remembered my name and what i wanted! [i still can't decide if that's a good or bad thing] but it made me feel SO great! they didn't know i had been pregnant and just thought i stopped coming by. i didn't drink coffee while pregnant .. see i told you i did everything by the book .. so i guess i should've at least let them know so they didn't think i got hit by a bus or anything.

i believe that is about it for tonight. it's time to give the babies a bath and relax for a little bit. then when it's time to wake up .. i'll be the birthday girl .. and officially 27 at 8:26am .. on 8/26. i had good timing comin' into this world.


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