Monday, August 23, 2010

eye'm crazy.

would it be ridiculous if i said i could/wanted to go to bed at 8pm? i am soooooooo tired and sleepy. ahh-mazing.

i woke up through out the night being paranoid payton would start crying to eat .. i know sawyer wont because that boy goes all night until about 8am .. but payton usually wakes up anywhere between 4am-6:30am. my alarm clock finally went off at 5:50am and payton was wiggling around in her co-sleeper. i quietly got up and got dressed .. made my way into the bathroom and got ready. by the time i was done she was awake and wanted a bottle .. i got that ready and warming while changing her and talking to her. apparently i am very animated and loud .. but it woke sawyer up and he just watched me finish getting ready. i woke jarrod up when the bottle was ready so he could feed her as i was walking out the door. as soon as i closed the front door jarrod said sawyer started screaming .. and didn't stop. needless to say .. jarrod was unhappy with my excitement with the babies at 6am.

work went well .. i got to talk to one of my favorite moms on the phone so that was nice.

okay. so that was the post from yesterday. i had to stop mid-post because things got kinda .. what's the word .. hectic!



i got up at 5am to feed payton and just stayed awake since i usually get up at 5:50am. you can imagine how out of it i am at this moment. i feel like i've been up for 2 days straight. in-sane!

work was great again today. i left at 11:30am and headed home to pick payton up to take her back to blue ridge so she could get her eye exam out of the way. they are still getting better and drew a picture for me .. they are getting considerably better from 2 weeks ago and he said "she's heading in the right direction!" and seemed pleased! YAY. i'm a freeeeak over the eyes. just ask any of the nurses and neonatologists. they know i'm crazy. but we go back in 2 weeks for another re-check. the doctor kept calling her 'him' and mind you .. she was dressed in flowers and a bow. really. i'm aware that i got the idea for the name 'payton' from 'peyton manning' .. but the little girl's name in the "game plan" was payton and the woman's name in 'the hand that rocks the cradle' was named payton .. although the last one .. was a little NUTS. anyways .. i hope she doesn't get too much grief over her name later in life. i love it and tried to pick something normal .. nothing like 'star' or 'cloud'. guess we should've gone with 'cloud'.

i got an e-mail from a nurse that took care of payton and sawyer today and there was a bit that i wanted to share because it really made my day.

‎"I think the two of you are still yet the "best" parents I've encountered over the last 23 years of NICU nursing."

wow. ahh-mazing. i'm so glad others can see how much jarrod and i love these two babies. i can't imagine my life without them. they are my everything.

as the 'birthday week' [i've never done the whole birthday week thing .. but jarrod said i get a birthday week .. and well i'm not going to argue with him on that one] and i was suppose to order the twins UNC outfits the other night for day 3 but couldn't find anything i loved. i think we'll wait and go to chapel hill this weekend and see what i can find there. yesterday for day 4 i got a starbucks card!! if you know anything about me .. i am addicted to starbucks. yes .. hello my name is amanda and i'm addicted to mocha frapps' .. seriously .. if there was some support group .. i would be in attendance. anyways .. i'm wondering what i'll get tonight. i'm kinda diggin' this whole 'birthday week' situation.

the man came to fix the dishwasher this morning .. and left us with a broken dishwasher. awesome. thanks. he will be back on thursday to actually fix it with the parts he needs.

so today .. i drove to raleigh twice and back to hillsborough twice. sometimes i wish i could pick the house up and move this sucker back to cary [ circa 1995 .. minus the 9729067209762 people that have moved there ] so we could be closer to all my friends and 90% of the NICU nurses. ''/ i kinda get sad that we have no friends out here .. especially ones with kids. [babies] not that we could be around them right now .. but i mean once the babies get a little older .. and hit that 1 year mark. i really want them to get accepted to grace christian .. and all the friends they make there .. will be at least 45 minutes away ''/ i guess we could find a good private school in chapel hill .. but still. i guess i should be thankful for having a place to call home .. but you catch my drift. any advice besides suck it up?

i haven't felt all that great the past couple of days. not sick or anything .. but dizzy .. lightheaded .. jittery [ is even a word? ] and today at the doctor's office i felt a little nauseous. no .. it's not what you're thinking .. i'm good for at least 5 years ;) so i don't know what is going on. maybe just nerves or something? i don't feel nervous or stressed ..

well i'm always stressed with these germs. i'm terrified the babies are going to get sick. hello, medication, i should probably get to know you.

oh .. i forgot .. i did see a mom that i met while in the NICU. i was so happy to see her since i washed out her e-mail she had given me in the washing machine. she said she had a lot of questions for me .. so i'm anxious to hear from her and see how her little girl is doing. i noticed she had a monitor and she said that the baby was still on O2. her baby was a littler earlier than payton and sawyer. i remember those days .. and so thankful they are done and over with. i'm sure she'll be ecstatic when she can get rid of those dreaded tubes. everyone say a little prayer for her.

i think that's about it .. but it's early in the day .. well .. early as in 5:30pm .. which at this point feels like 4am to me.

<3 love.

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